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Science HW (3/27-3/31)

Quiz by Kaylee Morris

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    A student argues that a constructive process changed Earth's surface in a park near his home.

    Which surface feature could the student use as evidence for his argument?

    a crack in the Earth's crust

    a U-shaped valley

    a moraine

    a canyon

  • Q2

    A student is hiking on a summer day. She sees pieces of rock fall down a cliff.

    Which process MOST LIKELY occurred?

    deposition by wind

    erosion by water

    weathering by ice

    erosion by gravity

  • Q3

    As robin sings a song, hunts worms on a school lawn, builds nest, and sleeps at night.

    Which behavior did the bird MOST LIEKLY inherit from its parents?

    hunting worms

    building a nest

    singing a song

    sleeping at night

  • Q4

    A chef examines and tastes several ingredients. Then she chops up the ingredients and combines them to make a salad.

    Which statement BEST describes the chef's actions?

    she makes a new substance

    she  makes a solution

    she changes a state of matter

    she makes a mixture

  • Q5

    A wolf pup follows its mother, plays with other pups, barks, and hides in a den.

    What trait is MOST LIKELY an instinct?

    playing with other wolves.

    following its mother

    hiding in a den



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