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Science Power- Up #2

Quiz by Michelle Yau

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  • Q1
    1. Which MOST affects the path of a weather system in the United States?
    the location of the jet stream.
    the speed of the jet stream.
    the temperature of the jet stream
    the width of the jet stream.
  • Q2
    2. Solar radiation has a part in the water cycle by
    helping in the absorption of groundwater.
    changing liquid water to vapor
    determining the type of clouds formed.
    affecting ocean tides.
  • Q3
    3. Aisha measured and recorded the high and low temperatures for four days. She also recorded the average high and low temperatures for each day. On how many days was the measured temperature outside of the average range?
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  • Q4
    4. Which of these actions causes wind?
    movement of air from water to land.
    uneven heating of Earth’s surface.
    air passing Earth as it revolves around the Sun.
    rotation of Earth on its axis.
  • Q5
    5. Land heats up faster during the day than water does. As the beach gets warm during the day, it heats the air above it. The warm air rises and cool air from the ocean is pulled in to replace it. So, air flows from the ocean to the land. At night, the land cools faster than the ocean. What MOST likely happens to the air at the beach at night?
    The air moves along the coast.
    The air is still.
    The air flows from the ocean to the land.
    The air flows from the land to the ocean.

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