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Quiz by Maria Cristina Deus

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    Pangaea is the name of former continent that included:
    Only Europe and Asia
    All the continents
    Only South America and Africa
    Only North and South America
  • Q2
    Which of the following are sources of potential energy? 1.natural gas 2. wind 3. fossil fuel 4. moving water

    1 and 2 only

    1, 2, 3, and 4

    1 and 3 only

    1, 3 and 4 only

  • Q3

    Which of the organs do the pulmonary arteries service?

    Lower trunk and legs



    All the above

  • Q4

    The clavicles are the bones commonly referred to as:

    The collar bones

    The shin bones

    The shoulder blades

    None of the above

  • Q5

    When does a volcanic eruption occur?

    When there is a vertical displacement of seawater

    When rocks are broken down into pieces or particles

    When pressure builds up and forces magma up the vent

    When two plates slide past each other

  • Q6

    How long is an adult’s small intestine?

    30 miles

    22 feet

    30 inches

    17 feet

  • Q7

    Which one of the following is an example of a pull?

    Punching the keys onthe keyboard

    Removing the lid from the container

    Passing the bottle ofketchup to someone

    Bouncing a ball

  • Q8

    Passing the bottle of ketchup to someone

    Loss of memory 

    Difficulty of muscular movement

    Hearing difficulty

    Problem with his sight  

  • Q9

    Which one of the following statements about the sun is incorrect?

    Heat energy from the sun keeps the water cycle going.

    All living things depend directly on the sun for energy.

    The sun provides us with light and heat energy.

    The sun is the earth’s most important source of energy.

  • Q10

    What happens to the gravitational force between two objects asthey move farther apart?

    it remains the same

    it increases

    it decreases

    it fluctuates

  • Q11

    What is the most important function of the blood?

    Regulates the rise of the body temperature

    Carries impurities to the cells.

    Collects foodnutrients and oxygen from the body

    Carries food nutrientsand oxygen to all parts of the body.

  • Q12

    Sensory messages are taken to the brain by _________.

    nerve and hormones

    muscles and veins

    arteries and hormones

    arteries and veins

  • Q13

    The oxygen -rich blood from the heart flows to the largest artery known as _______.

    inferior vena cava


    superior vena cava

    corona artery

  • Q14

    What layer of the earth is inferred to be liquid in form?

    outer core

    inner core



  • Q15

    Which of the following best describes the energy of a ball as it bounces up and down?

    Kinetic energy increases as it moves up.

    Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy remains the same.

    Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy change at the same time.

    Potential Energy increases as it moves down.


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