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Science Safety and Plants

Quiz by Sarah Sims

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Name three of the Science safety rules we discussed in class.
    Wash hands as needed; Use eye protection; Don't fool around; Handle equipment properly; Report any accidents;Don't pull power plug out by cord.
  • Q2
    Name some ways Scientists communicate.
    Labeled drawings, writing, concept maps, tables, charts.
  • Q3
    What is wafting?
    Using your hands to move the odor towards your nose.
  • Q4
    Name the five senses. Which one will we not use in this class?
    The five senses are sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. We will never use taste in this class.
  • Q5
    We would measure the height of most house plants using what unit of measure?
  • Q6
    A balance scale is used to measure __________________.
  • Q7
    What is classify?
    Sorting objects by how they are similar.
  • Q8
    Name the basic needs of plants.
    Sunlight, space to live, nutrients, water, and air.
  • Q9
    Which part of the plant makes to food?
  • Q10
    Changes that a living thing goes through during its life is called ______.
    Life Cycle

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