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  • Q1
    A ball rolls off the edge of the table. The horizontal component of the ball’s velocity remains constant during its entire trajectory because
    b: the ball is not b. acted upon by any force
    the ball is not acted upon by any force in the vertical direction.
    None of the other choices are correct.
    A: the ball is not acted upon by a force in the horizontal direction. B: the net force acting on the ball is zero.
  • Q2
    The scale at the left is attached to the ceiling and a mass of 1.00 kg hangs from it. It reads 9.81 N. The identical scale at the right is connected by perfect springs passing over perfect pulleys to two 1.00 kg masses hanging vertically at the end of the strings. The scale at the right reads
    D: less than 9.81 N but quite twice as much
    C: more than 9.81 N
    A: exactly 19.62 N B: more than 19.62 N
    E: exactly 9.81 N
  • Q3
    A force produces power P by doing work W in a time T. What power will be produced by a force that does six times as much work in half as much time?
    The answer is A, 12P because you need to rearrange the power formula
    1/12 P
    3/8 P
    E: 1P
  • Q4
    The device by which an artificial climate can be produced, is known as

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