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  • Q1

    What is rigour?

    The extent to which what was intended to be measured actually has been and the findings are therefore accurate.

    The evaluation of the way in which a study was conducted to determine the validity, reliability and generalisability of the findings.

    The conduct of a study in a thorough, consistent and meticulous way, in accordance with the principals of the particular method and design used.

    The uniformity and accuracy of the data collection tool used and the researcher using it.

  • Q2

    Jasmine and Charles are considering strategies to promote the rigour of their studies about women during post natal depression. Which is the best option?

    Collect a range of statistics and data on the topic. 

    Conduct a pilot study based on a film they saw on Netflix. 

    Use a previously validated questionnaire from 5 years ago. 

    Establish the content and face validity of the questionnaire by having it scrutinised by experts in the field, such as their university tutor.

  • Q3

    Charles plans to conduct semi-structured qualitative interviews with teenage boys about their anorexia. Which of the following method does NOT add rigour?

    Involve participants in checking the analysed data.

    Having the interview results first scrutinised by his family, then by his research supervisor, and finally by his classmates. 

    Being reflexive by reflecting using a recorded reflective diary.

    Standardising the transcription of the interview.

  • Q4

    Checking to see if the data collection tool covers all aspects of the variables being measured is a good way to add rigour. What is this scientific process called?

    Content validity




  • Q5

    Scientific rigour (or rigor) is the casual application of the scientific method to ensure unbiased experimental design, methodology, analysis, interpretation and reporting of results. Academic rigour is about the how fun the teaching and learning is where students feel both success and challenge on a daily basis.

    True or False

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