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Scratch Programming Concepts 101

Quiz by Mike Kulbieda

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    This block is one example of an.....
    Question Image
  • Q2
    When a user has the ability to type in a response in a text box, we call this...
    infinite loop
    repeating condition
    user input
    data structure
  • Q3
    The words used for creating conditions are..
    When, Variable, Equals
    Repeat, Until, Done
    While, True, Do
    If, Then, Else
  • Q4
    The horizontal line that divides your computer screen is called the....
    y axis
    x axis
  • Q5
    When this code runs, if the user gets the wrong answer, it does not repeat the question again and the code stops. Identify the "bug" in this code.
    Question Image
    It should be in a "forever" loop instead of a "repeat until" loop.
    In the "else" section, there should be a "say" block, not a user input block.
    Message 2 should broadcast instead of message 1.
    An "if, then" block should have been used instead of "if, then,else."
  • Q6
    Which type of loop gives the programmer the most control over how the computer reads the code?
    Repeat Until
    Repeat x Times
    Repeat Steps 1-5
  • Q7
    See photo. You're wondering why you have no motion blocks. What is the reason?
    Question Image
    Your backdrop is highlighted, not your sprite.
    Your x and y are set incorrectly.
    You have more than one Sprite in your project.
    Your computer is "glitching"
  • Q8
    What is this called?
    Question Image
    Rectangular prism
    Looks Block
    User input box
  • Q9
    After writing the above code, when you click the green flag, nothing happens. Why?
    Question Image
    There is no loop surrounding the condition.
    The code starts when the sprite is clicked.
    The wrong message is being broadcasted.
    Your computer has a virus.
  • Q10
    How does a computer determine location on a screen?
    x,y coordinates
    Transmitting a signal
    Facial recognition software
  • Q11
    Images on your computer screen are made up of many tiny_______________________________. It is also how computers measure distance on a screen.
    pieces of plastic

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