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  • Q1
    Which of the following best demonstrates the multicultural perspective of just modern education?
    field studies
    student internship
    school partnership
    cultural exchange program
  • Q2
    On lifespan perspective, which assumption is taken when schools have students engage in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, e.g. joining school clubs?
    learning shaped by culture
    learning is multi-directional
    learning is both gain and loss
    learning is lifelong process
  • Q3
    Following the fundamental principles of curriculum content, which has been neglected if there is no flow, reinforcement and enhancement of the elements in the curriculum?
  • Q4
    According to reports, a great number of students are diagnosed to have suicidal tendencies brought about by peer pressure, stress, home struggles, environmental contexts and media influence. As it impacts the school, how can this be resolved?
    effective instruction delivery modalities
    efficient learning assessment procedures
    advanced learning technologies
    strong counselling program
  • Q5
    In her classes, Teacher Mila always wants to create a constructivist learning atmosphere. Which does she do? I. Encourages and accepts student autonomy and initiative. II. Uses raw data and primary sources, along with manipulative, interactive, and physical materials III. Engages students in dialogue with one another and with teacher
    II and III
    I and II
    I, III
    I,II and III
  • Q6
    In formulating the Table of Specifications (TOS) on learning competencies, at what instance is TOS required for test standardization?
    when test subjects are determined
    when test results are under pretest
    when a try-out test is done
    when test items are planned
  • Q7
    In which stage of learning a learner manifest that a skill has been mastered?
  • Q8
    A research study revealed that students from urban areas perform better than those from the counterpart due to availability of resources, exposure opportunities and technological advantages as supported by higher GNP and industrialization system. The analysis of this finding impacts what demographic variable?
    geographic setting
    academic performance
    exposure to media
    socio-economic status
  • Q9
    Batas Pambansa Blg. 232 otherwise known as Special Education Act provides for the _______.
    inclusion of senior citizen needs
    inclusion of children of single parent
    inclusion of children from disadvantaged and marginalized family
    inclusion of children with special needs in all programs and concerns of the government.
  • Q10
    As student teachers you are expected to acquire soft skills. What are examples of soft skills? I. communication skills II. interpersonal skills III. financial literacy IV. life skills
    I and II
    I,II and III
    I,II,III and IV
    I,II and IV
  • Q11
    Studies show that bullying in school may happen with the teacher as culprit or bully by initiating and doing it, whether consciously or unconsciously. How can this be avoided.
    Whenever cracking jokes, always remind students that it’s just a prank.
    Be careful and sensitive with the words and gestures that may be offensive to students.
    Explain to the students that teachers as elders are exempted from being accused of bullying.
    Reduce being annoying to students.
  • Q12
    It is an educational strategy embraced by DepEd carrying its principles that all children should learn together regardless of any difficulties or differences.
    inclusive education
    internationalization of education
    outcome-based education
    global education
  • Q13
    How can we correctly compare and contrast progressivism and perennialism as conventional schools of thought?
    Progressivism is for private schools that have greater access to vast resources while perrenialism is for public schools that maximize limited resources.
    Progressivism stresses technological advancement while perrenialism less emphasizes traditional system of learning
    Progressivism views that learning is continuously changing and innovating, while perrenialism stresses on constant knowledge and timeless wisdom.
    Progressivism focuses on student empowerment and engagement while perrenialism set rules, imposes discipline and considers limitations
  • Q14
    Miss Cris is a member of school community. She does not personally agree with some of its policies. What is her professional responsibility?
    Lead a campaign against its abolition
    Remain connected with the school but defy the policy.
    Make an honest effort to understand, support and carry the school policy even if she does not personally agree.
    Be indifferent about it.
  • Q15
    Mrs. Gracia would desire to test the reliability of her achievement test in her Math subject. Which of the following activities will help her achieve her purpose?
    Administer to the equivalent test to the same group of students
    Administer two different test but to the same group of students
    Administer two parallel test to different group of students
    Administer a single test but two different groups of students.

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