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SDC Oct Process Knowledge Test

Quiz by Joel Dsilva

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20 questions
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  • Q1

    If  a customer would like to cancel  their treatment and the Aligners HAVE NOT SHIPPED, why do we have to confirm that Fast Track has been cancelled?

    If the Fast Track is not cancelled, it will automatically book a scan or place an order for Impression Kit.

    To avoid any contact with the customer

     If the Fast Track is not cancelled, it will run again automatically instead of us working with the Customer on moving forward with treatment.

     To ensure good customer service

  • Q2

    Below are the ways on how our customer scan Fast track their account, except for:

    By filling the information online.

    Be contacted by the aligner sales team via phone and agreeing verbally to charge their card

    By filling out the fast track form in their Impression Kit box.

    Signing digitally in the SmileShop at their appointment

  • Q3

    Emily gets started with us via scan. She’s done with her treatment, but she’s not yet satisfied with the result. TM Ken approved her for additional aligners. What should be his next step?

    Place order for Touch-up IK.

    TM Ken should ask approval from his TC to process a free retainer since Emily is not satisfied with the result of her treatment

    Review the MCT&T booking tool.

    Provide a walk-through in a booking a scan online

  • Q4

    If the customer’s closest SmileShop for touch-up scan has closed, what should be our next step?

    Offer to reschedule

    Offer free retainer as compensation

    Call the SmileShop for confirmation

    Offer IK.

  • Q5

    TM Erica filled out the Re-evaluation request tracker to send to the customer an email to upload photos and concerns on the portal. What should be the status of the case in Salesforce?

    New-it’s considered as a New Case.

    Open- since issue requires additional action for customer to complete.

    Closed- customer doesn’t need to contact us anymore and we have all the info.

    Transfer-since it will be reviewed by the DT

  • Q6

     For wrong number, spam and junk, what should be the status of the case in Salesforce?



    No case since wrong number or not associated with any account


  • Q7

    TM ordered replacement aligners in Smilecheck, what should be the status of the case in Salesforce?

    Open- issue requires other action

    Closed- reason for interaction is completed. No additional action is necessary from the customer or SDC.

    Transfer- issue requires a case transfer to DT for approval


  • Q8

    This work stream is for the urgent legal process. If a customer mentions any of the following words: sue, lawyer, lawsuit, attorney, dental board, attorney in general





  • Q9

    You advised Max that we’re not accepting aligner touch-up appointments on Saturdays in any Smile shops. But he insisted that he can ONLY go on Saturday. What is your next step? 

    File a JIRA ticket and let your TC approves it. A.     TC approval is needed, and the TC will have to schedule the appointment in Smilecheck. Don't forget to notate the name of the TC that approved and scheduled the scan in your interaction notes

    Walk-through the customer on the website so they schedule it there.

    Empathize. Offer Impression kit instead.

  • Q10

    Max requested an aligner touch-up, and hewould like to schedule a scan on a Saturday. You noticed that there are noavailable spaces for touch-up appointments on Saturdays. What would be thereason?

    There is no Smile guide available on Saturdays :  SmileShops are busy with new customer appointments.

    There is system maintenance during Saturdays.

     SmileShops are closed during Saturday.

  • Q11

    If the balance adjustment amount exceeds$200 USD with SmilePay Classic or any refund from a third-party like HFD, Tabeo, or Care Credit – create a Refund Request via____

    JIRA Ticket

    Refund button in SmileCheck

    Refund and Adjustment tracker form

    Salesforce Case

  • Q12

    The customer can update their card information on the online customer portal



  • Q13

    Where can the customer view their treatment plan link?

    Online Customer Portal

    They have to access to

    They have to call us

     All of the above

  • Q14

    Can the customers check-in their aligners on the app or on their customer portal?


     App only

    None of the above

    Customer portal only

  • Q15

    True or False  - The customer can update their card information on the online customer portal




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