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Searching for Summer Review

Quiz by Shannyn Hanlon

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Lily wears a yellow wedding dress because she ...
    has been married before
    doesn't want to be reminded of the past
    wants her marriage to be blessed with sunshine
    is unusual
  • Q2
    Which of the following best describes Mr. Noakes
    Quiet and resourceful
    foolish and helpless
    smart and ambitious
    rude and greedy
  • Q3
    What is the Hatching's attitude toward the fact that the sun shines over their home?
    matter of fact
  • Q4
    By the end of the story, which of the following has become the most important to Tom and Lily?
    returning to a comfortable life This is a wrong answer
    preserving the Hatchings' way of life
    living where the sun always shines
    preventing another nuclear war
  • Q5
    Why don't Tom and Lily return to say good-by to the Hatchings?
    They don't want Mr. Noakes to find the Hatchings
    they can't find the cottage again
    They think it was all a dream This is a wrong answer
    they are too tired after their journey into town
  • Q6
    What was Mr. Noakes motivation to buy land that is in sunshine.
    He wants to build things for charity.
    He wants to help the owners of the land by giving them money
    He is looking for ways to help the town
    He wants to make as much money as he can
  • Q7
    How is Mrs. Hatchings characterized?
    As a cranky old lady
    As a slow old lady
    As a sweet old lady who is helpful and caring
    As a farmer.
  • Q8
    The description of the countryside as they buzzed on hopefully creates the following mood:

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