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Second Conditional

Quiz by Daniela Morales

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  • Q1

    I ______ (walk) to school if the weather _____ (be) nice

    walked / is

    were walk / been

    would walk / were

  • Q2

    If Amanda ______ (not like) your music, she _____ (tell) you

    didn't like / would

    not liked / told

    would not like /  tells

  • Q3

    If I ____ (know) her number, I ______ (call) her

    knew / would call

    know / called

    knows / will call

  • Q4

    Jessica ______ (not get) colds if she ______(wear) a jacket

    didn't get / wears

    wouldn't get / wore

    not gets / wear

  • Q5

    _________ (you / tell) the teacher if you ______ (see) your best friend cheat on a test?

    Would you tell / saw

    Did you tell / sees

    Do you tell / see

  • Q6

    ______ (you/go) to the doctor if you  _______ (have) the flu?

    Would you go / had

    Would you goes / had

    Did you go / have

  • Q7

    If you _____ (be) stressed, what _______ (you / do)?

    was / would you do

    were / would you do

    are / did you do

  • Q8

    If you _____ (win) a competition, ______ (you/have) a big party?

    won / did you have

    won / would you have

    wins / would you have


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