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Second conditional

Quiz by Erika Orozco

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    If he ____________ more time, he _____________karate.
    hadn't /learnt
    has / learn
    had / would learn
    had / will learn
  • Q2
    If they ___________their father, he ______________very angry.
    tell / won't
    would / been
    were / wouldn't tell
    told / wouldn't be
  • Q3
    She _____________ a year in the USA if it _________easier to get a green card.
    wouldn't / was
    would spend / were
    be / will
    were / would be
  • Q4
    If I ________ on a lonely island, I _____________ around naked all day.
    would run / lived
    live / will
    lives / woldn't ran
    lived / would run
  • Q5
    We __________ you if we ______________ how.
    going to help / will
    would help / knew
    wouldn't help / know
    know / will help
  • Q6
    My brother __________ a sports car if he ____________ the money.
    wouldn't buy / had
    bought / will have
    buys / would have
    would buy / had
  • Q7
    If I ___________ better, I ___________ to the cinema with you.
    felt / might go
    felt / would go
    went / would feel
    will / felt
  • Q8
    If you____________by bike more often, you__________ so flabby.
    were / wouldn't be
    would go / were
    go / will be
    went / wouldn't be
  • Q9
    She ____________to you if she ____________mad at you.
    were / might
    wouldn't talk / were
    would be / talked
    will / be

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