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  • Q1

    1. Which of the following describes the build -up and release of stress during an earthquake?

    A. Modefied Mercalli Scale

    B. Elastic Rebound Theory

    C. Travel Time Difference

    D. Principle of Superposition

  • Q2

    2. What major fault line runs through Metro Manila

    D. Western Philippine Fault

    C. Eastern Philippine

    A. West Valley Fault

    B. Central Philippine Fault

  • Q3

    3.It refers to the rock’s zone of weakness where the breaking of the rocks starts.

    C. foot wall

    A. fault

    D. hanging wall

    B. focus

  • Q4

    4. You heard from the news that the earthquake has an energy of 7.6. Which of the following is the correct term to be used to describe the energy of 7.6?

    C. Magnitude

    D. Power

    B. Intensity

    A. Force

  • Q5

    5.The fault motion of a strike-slip fault is caused by ____________

    B. shearing force

    D. gravity force

    C. tensional force

    A. compressional forces

  • Q6

    6. What type of faulting is illustrated in this diagram?

    Question Image

    B. reverse fault

    A. normal fault

    C. strike -slip fault

    D. thrust fault


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