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Security WTL

Quiz by syabil nazirul

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  • Q1
    As we handle/process large amount of data, what can we do to contribute to a culture of excellence in Data Security?
    Ignore "near misses" and suspected data incidents data
    Only report data breaches when confirmed
    Flag out potential gaps in data security processes
    Only share lesson and best practices only when it applies to us
  • Q2
    What are preventive measures we can take to safeguard our ISAC cards?
    Stronger password/ Don't leave your ISAC card unattended
    Leaving ISAC card under keyboard
    Refrain from logging onto the OSN
    Let trusted colleagues use your ISAC
  • Q3
    Which of the following counts as personal data?
    Business Contact Number
    Business Email Address
  • Q4
    There is no requirement to perform virus scans when we connect flashguards to MINDEF/ SAF systems.
  • Q5
    Which of the following are considered data incidents?
    A ransomware attack whereby MINDEF/SAF system are compromised
    Routine Data backups
    Routine software updates
    Accidental deletion of non sensitive documents

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