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Semester 1 Study Jam

Quiz by Heather Baldwin

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40 questions
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  • Q1
    Which of the following contains a reflexive pronoun?
    The dog chased his tail.
    I myself like to stay up all night to watch movies.
    The principal himself attended the basketball game.
    We gave ourselves a break after completely half of our work.
  • Q2
    I cannot eat anything else. The food _____________ is making feel miserable.
  • Q3
    While walking through the park, _________________ watched the sun set over the lake.
    me and Ryan
    I and Ryan
    Ryan and me
    Ryan and I
  • Q4
    Which of the following should be capitalized?
    February and I
  • Q5
    Fix the vague pronoun: I have a love for reading. It is the reason I read almost every day.
    I have a love for reading, and that is the reason I read almost every day.
    I have a love for reading, and this love is the reason I read almost every day.
    Leave it as it is.
    I have a love for reading, which is the reason I read almost every day.
  • Q6
    Correct the vague pronoun: I study my notes every day, which helps me get good grades.
    Leave as it is.
    I study my notes every day, a practice which helps me get good grades.
    I study my notes every day, which so it helps me get good grades.
    I study my notes every day. This helps me get good grades.
  • Q7
    Which sentence contains an error related to pronoun use?
    Trevor washed all of his laundry on Sunday.
    If you want to learn how to play the piano, I must practice every night for 20 minutes.
    We should always put our best effort into everything.
    Lucy told me she was sorry after accidentally hitting me.
  • Q8
    Choose the best pronoun to complete the sentence: Matt and Elise have been planning a party for the end of the school year. It has been quite stressful for _________ .
  • Q9
    Which of the following is an internal conflict?
    Mark received a mean text from a bully who always made fun of him.
    Vance walked up to the stage and suddenly tripped in front of everyone. He fell flat on his face, and all of the kids laughed.
    Sarah took the shot at the goal. Her opponent blocked her, causing Sarah's team to lose the game.
    Marcy always thought she had big ears. She was embarrassed to wear a ponytail.
  • Q10
    Which of the following is an external conflict?
    Doug resented his father for moving the entire family to another state last year. His resentment strained their relationship.
    Poppy tried hard to concentrate during the exam, but Zander wouldn't stop making noises!
    Betsy worried about whether she was good enough to make the soccer team.
    Gregory had difficulty deciding which college to attend.
  • Q11
    If someone feels like "a man shipwrecked on a raft in the middle of the ocean," they feel...
  • Q12
    Which point of view? Freddy asked Mark to stop borrowing his things without permission. It made him very angry to see his wearing his hat again.
    third-person objective
    third-person limited
    third-person omniscient
  • Q13
    Which point of view? Tasha and Amelia loved reading! They formed their own book club at school, and even got others to join them.
    Third person objective
    Third-person limited
    Third-person omniscient
  • Q14
    Which point of view? Darrell looked out the window, and wondered where all the people were going.
    third-person objective
    Third-person limited
    third-person omniscient
  • Q15
    Which point of view? Sophia and Allison were captains of the kickball teams during gym class. Margo waited anxiously for the girls to choose their players. Finally Allison, the captain of the best team, called her name, and she was picked for the team she hoped for! Lexie leaned over and whispered, "I'm so jealous. I hope Allison picks me, too."
    Third-person limited
    Third-person objective
    Third-person omniscient

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