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Semester Final Review

Quiz by Kelly Beck

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  • Q1
    The Thirteenth Amendment did what
    Gave voting rights to African American men
    Made all persons born or naturalized in the US, citizens of the country
    Prohibited slavery
    Gave voting rights to women
  • Q2
    During the Gilded Age what group or people had a strong influence over Congress
    Southern politicians
    Business tycoons/Trusts
  • Q3
    What was the MAIN policy of the government towards Native Americans from the end of the Civil War until the 1890s
    Make them become US citizens
    Allow them to maintain tribal customs
    Force them onto reservations
    Encourage them to move to Canada
  • Q4
    What group of immigrants was key in building the Central Pacific portion of the Transcontinental Railroad
  • Q5
    Why was the landmark case Plessy v Ferguson significant
    Made Jim Crows illegal
    Allowed African Americans to be able to run for political office
    Outlawed the use of restrictive voting measures in the South
    Decreed segregation was legal. Established doctrine of "separate but equal"
  • Q6
    What is the Bessemer process
    A way to package meat more efficiently
    A more equitable process of electing candidates to public office
    A new farming process
    A way to manufacture steel inexpensively
  • Q7
    From 1917-1925 the first wave of the Great Migration happened. What was the Great Migration?
    African Americans leaving the South to work in Northern industries
    White people going south to escape African Americans moving into the cities
    Native Americans moving south to Oklahoma
    Immigrants from Mexico moving into the country to work on farms in California
  • Q8
    The Industrial Revolution had what effect on Union menbership
    Unions were outlawed by the government
    Businesses moved their factories to places without unions
    Union membership grew
    Union membership declined
  • Q9
    The process of removing a public official was a new idea from the Progressive movement. This process is known as
    Direct primary
  • Q10
    Which of these pushed the US to engage Spain in war in 1898
    Wanting to build the Panama Canal
    Dollar Diplomacy
    Yellow journalism
    Platt Amendment
  • Q11
    The sinking of ships by German U-Boats led the US to get involved in which war
    World War I
    World War II
    Crimean War
    German-Russian War
  • Q12
    Korematsu v United States was a case where the Supreme Court ruled in favor of what government action
    Restricting immigration from China
    Internment of Japanese Americans
    Voting restrictions on Asian immigrants
    Separate but equal segregation
  • Q13
    Why were many workers drawn to socialism and communism
    A planned economy meant less working hours
    Because communism just gives people money so they don't have to work
    A more equitable distribution of wealth
    Marx's tenet that the workers own the means of production
  • Q14
    Social Security was meant as a benefit for who
    WWI veterans
    People over the age of 65
    Those affected by the Dust Bowl
    Unemployed workers
  • Q15
    The conference where the three leaders of the USSR, USA, and UK decided what would happen to Germany after WWII
    Potsdam Conference
    Tehran Conference
    Yalta Conference
    Treaty of Versailles

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