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Sen Heng Bandar Puteri RENO8T QUIZ

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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Reno8T 5G有哪两种配色?| Which 2 colors option available in Reno8T 5G?

    玫瑰金 & 青色 | Rose Gold & Green

    缎面金 & 黑色 | Sunkissed Beige & Black

    炫彩色 & 天空蓝 | Gradient & Sky Blue

    晨曦金 & 午夜黑 | Sunrise Gold & Midnight Black

  • Q2

    Reno8T 5G可以通过运存拓展来增加内存,可以支持3档调节,分别是:| Reno8T 5G can increase the RAM through RAM Expansion, supported 3 levels of adjustment, which are:





  • Q3

    Reno8T 5G 采用着_____ 刷新率的屏幕,刷屏更顺畅。| Reno 8T 5G is equipped with _____ refresh rate screen, smoother when scrolling screen. 





  • Q4

    Reno8T 5G搭载了____,5分钟能够充至20%,44分钟就能充满,还能边玩游戏边闪充,而且还搭载了____大电池,让你续航一整天。| Reno8T 5G is equipped with ____, able to charge up to 20% in 5 minutes and full in 44 minutes, also can flash charge while playing games, also equipped with ____ large battery, allow to last for a whole day.

    65W SUPERVOOC, 4500mAh

    18W, 5000mAh

    67W SUPERVOOC, 4800mAh

    33W SUPERVOOC, 4800mAh

  • Q5

    哪一个不是Reno8T 5G 的拍照功能? | Which of the following is not the camera function of Reno8T 5G?

    40x Microlens

    Bokeh Flare Portrait

    AI Color Portrait

    60x Microlens


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