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Senior Test 9,10,11,12

Quiz by Christopher Wright

Grades 9-12
Hospitality and Tourism
Ohio Career Tech

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50 questions
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  • Q1
    A master schedule is a list of?
    when your potential guests come into your restaurant
    how many employees you will need to staff your restaurant during a shift
    potential sales and costs to calculate gross profits
    how many shifts each employee will get a week
  • Q2
    Management needs to balance sales with labor in order to?
    ensure a profit is made while keeping guests happy
    assist with scheduling the right amount of staff
    keep labor costs low and not worry about good service
    keep the labor costs high for great customer service
  • Q3
    The ideal labor cost.....
    represents what the restaurant management predicts will happen
    should not be a major factor to worry about
    is a % of food costs for the restaurant
    does not include labor costs for management
  • Q4
    The master schedule should not list?
    employee names
    hours per employee position
    the estimated number of people needed per day
    total hours needed per day
  • Q5
    A chart that shows employees' names and the days and times they are to work is called a?
    crew schedule
    business plan
    employee production chart
    master schedule
  • Q6
    Employee turnover is?
    the amount of sales an operation is doing for a given time
    the # of employees hired to fill one position in a years time
    a measurement of how quickly employees are able to serve a guest
    when labor costs are higher than predicted
  • Q7
    The crew schedule needs to be created with flexibility because?
    employees will not follow procedures and make changes against the restaurant's policies
    employees decide to change positions
    employees may want extra hours and write themselves in
    management may need to alter the schedule to deal with environmental changes
  • Q8
    Cross training employees allows the restaurant to be able to?
    have less flexibility for creating staffing charts
    cut down on labor, as one person can do multiple jobs
    have staff handle responsibilities outside their primary work responsibilities
    hire more management
  • Q9
    Scheduling too few staff in the kitchen for a particular shift can result in?
    possible lower production quality, because the staff are stretched thin
    better production times, because the staff will work as a better unit
    higher labor costs for the shift
    less work being performed per staff member
  • Q10
    Changes in business volume can?
    have very little effect over multiple months
    have no effect on labor costs because the master schedule needs to be followed
    have no effect on labor costs for the month
    cause changes in labor costs, in order to deal with changing sales
  • Q11
    Total food cost is calculated by what formula?
    (opening inventory + purchases = total food available) - closing inventory
    (opening inventory x purchases = total food available) - closing inventory
    (opening inventory divided by purchases = total food available) + closing inventory
    (opening inventory - purchases = total food available) - closing inventory
  • Q12
    Preportioning is defined as?
    measuring out accurate ingredient quantities for use during production
    something only done with deli meats
    guessing the amounts needed to cook an item
    something done in all restaurants to ensure quality
  • Q13
    A food production chart is?
    used to calculate accurate food cost percentage
    a guess of how many menu items you need to make
    another definition for a recipe
    used to estimate production levels based upon sales
  • Q14
    What is opening inventory?
    the physical inventory at the beginning of a given period
    the estimate of sales for a period
    the physical inventory taken during the middle of a period
    the purchases of goods sold during a period
  • Q15
    What does inventory represent?
    the amount of food purchased during a period
    the dollar amount of food sold during a period
    the amount of product purchased during a period
    the dollar value of food products in storage

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