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Sentence Stress

Quiz by NysxKim

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  • Q1

    What is sentence stress?

    A rhythm on all words within a sentence

    A set of words that have emphasis to it

    A beat on one or more syllable within a word

    A beat on certain words within a sentence

  • Q2

    Why do you need to stress in sentences?

    It makes you sound serious or angry

    It adds rhythm when you speak, so you don't sound monotonous

    It adds emphasis when you speak, so you don't sound dull

    It helps you improve your intonation

  • Q3

    The following are the types of sentence stress, EXCEPT

    Contrastive Stress

    Informal Stress

    Emphatic Stress

    New Information Stress

  • Q4

    If stresses become too near, what do we do with them?

    We drop them from the sentence

    We unstress them

    We change our stress placement

    We stress them anyway

  • Q5

    Pronouns such as He & She must be stressed in sentences

    True or False
  • Q6

    How long is the interval between one stressed syllable to another?

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  • Q7

    In what condition can function words be stressed?

    No, there are no conditions

    Whenever we want

    When we want to convey emotions

    When we want to correct information

  • Q8

    Identify the stressed word (s) in the sentence

    Do you like coffee?

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  • Q9

    Where can we stay?

    In this sentence, WHERE and STAY is stressed.

    True or False
  • Q10

    What movie is shown as an example to sentence stress at the end of the slides?

    Queen Charlie  : A Bridgeton Story

    Queen Charlotte : A Bridgerton Story

    Prince Williams : A Leeds Story

    King Charles : A Brighton Story


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