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Sequence/Problem and Solution/Main Idea & Details

Quiz by Teacher Erika

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11 questions
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  • Q1
    What's the first thing you do when arriving to your classroom in the morning?
    I open my lunchbag.
    I do my homework.
    I copy homework.
    I say good morning to my teacher.
  • Q2
    What's the last activity you do when getting ready to go home after school?
    I unpack my books and notebooks and get ready to work.
    I do my homework.
    I go to the booth and buy something.
    I line up with my backpack and lunchbag.
  • Q3
    After spending the whole day at the beach, you most likely...
    Get home and sleep.
    Get home and watch TV.
    Get home and do homework.
    Get home and take a shower.
  • Q4
    What activity would happen before you go to sleep?
    I would put on my uniform.
    I would get ready for a party.
    I would turn off the lights.
    I would go out and play with my pet.
  • Q5
    What action might happen between waking up and going to school?
    I most surely put on my uniform.
    I most surely do homework.
    I most surely watch a movie.
    I most surely go to the market.
  • Q6
    You forgot your lunch at home. The best solution is...
    Tell your teacher about it.
    Stay quiet and be hungry.
    Drink a lot of water.
    Jump up and down many times.
  • Q7
    Oops! It's raining hard and the water is coming in the room. You...
    close the windows.
    get angry about it.
    go out and play hide and seek.
    stay in your chair and do nothing.
  • Q8
    You're taking an exam and question #6 is difficult. You...
    ...skip it and continue with the rest of the questions. You'll try again at the end.
    ...think and think for several minutes.
    ...answer whatever nonsense comes to your mind. Who cares if it's not right!
    ...get angry and stop answering all the questions.
  • Q9
    You're part of a team. All of you have to work in a project, but nobody knows what the topic means. You...
    ...ask the teacher to use the computer to find out more about the topic.
    ...invent the information. If you don't know the topic, maybe the others won't notice.
    ...don't do anything. You're not going to work.
    ...change it. If you don't understand it, you'll talk about something you know.
  • Q10
    THE MAIN IDEA IS: Whales are endangered animals. A DETAIL THAT SUPPORTS IT IS..
    Whales migrate.
    Many fishermen capture them ilegally.
    Whales communicate singing.
    Whales are mammals.
  • Q11
    THE MAIN IDEA IS: We must include fruits and vegetables in our diet to avoid getting sick.
    I don't know if the avocado is a fruit or a vegetable.
    Fruits contain vitamins that help strengthen our immune system.
    Tomatoes are fruits.
    Strawberries have the seeds on the outside.

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