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Series of Adjectives

Quiz by Eurodaisy Lyka

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15 questions
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  • Q1
    Tom brought _____ tree last month.
    a tall green Christmas
    Christmas green tall a
    a green tall Christmas
  • Q2
    My dad bought a pair of _____ boots yesterday.
    new red rain
    new rain red
    red rain new
  • Q3
    I bought _____ cat yesterday.
    Persian a fluffy white
    a Persian fluffy white
    a fluffy white Persian
  • Q4
    My mom gave me _____ shoes last week.
    her old black leather
    her old leather black
    her leather old black
  • Q5
    Chris owns _____ car. He cleans it every day.
    a new Ferrari red
    a new red Ferrari
    a Ferrari new red
  • Q6
    I like _____ tractor in the store. I want to buy it.
    that unique red toy
    that red toy unique
    unique that red toy
  • Q7
    Please put your donations in _____ box.
    the rectangular big brown
    the big rectangular brown
    the brown big rectangular
  • Q8
    We went for a two-week cruise on _____ ocean liner two years ago.
    a Italian huge
    a huge Italian
    a huge Italian
  • Q9
    I enjoyed watching _____ creatures in the oceanarium last month.
    many sea colorful small
    many small colorful sea
    many colorful small sea
  • Q10
    I have been spending a lot of time looking for _____ clock.
    a small cuckoo silver
    a cuckoo small silver
    a small silver cuckoo
  • Q11
    I brought _____ lanterns yesterday.
    five small yellow star-shaped
    five yellow small star-shaped
    five small star-shaped yellow
  • Q12
    Margaret will buy _____ jacket tomorrow.
    a new leather black
    a new black leather
    a leather new black
  • Q13
    Christopher owns _____ dog.
    a large German Shepherd fierce
    a German Shepherd large fierce
    a fierce large German Shepherd
  • Q14
    I read ____ stories last night.
    two Russian short interesting
    two interesting short Russian
    two short Russian interesting
  • Q15
    Marcus has _____ phone.
    a new mobile silver
    a new silver mobile
    a mobile new silver

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