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ServSafe Basics

Quiz by Erin Sullivan

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29 questions
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  • Q1
    The location where you should place a thermometer in the cooler or freezer
  • Q2
    The temperature of the final sanitizing rinse in a high-temperature dishwashing machine
    180* F
    100* F
    165* F
    212* F
  • Q3
    Minimum internal temperature for poultry, all stuffed foods, microwaved foods and dishes previously cooked
    180* F for 10 seconds
    145* F for 10 seconds
    165* F for 15 seconds
    155* F for 5 minutes
  • Q4
    Minimum internal temperature of ground meats and seafood and sausage
    165* F for 10 seonds
    150* F for 15 seconds
    155* F for 15 seconds
    212* F for 5 seconds
  • Q5
    Minimum internal temperature of seafood, steaks or chops
    150* F for 10 seconds
    145* F for 15 seconds
    212* F for 5 seconds
    155* F for 5 seconds
  • Q6
    Minimum internal temperature for all roasts and large muscle meats
    145* F for 4 minutes
    155* F for 2 minutes
    212* F for 20 seconds
    165* F for 1 minute
  • Q7
    Minimum internal temperature for fruits, vegetables, grains and minimum hot-holding temperature for all hot held foods
    165* F
    155* F
    212* F
    135* F
  • Q8
    Minimum water temperature for a 3 compartment sink
    110* F
    It doesn't matter as long as you wash well
    85* F and a sanitizing solution
    130* F
  • Q9
    Minimum water temperature for hand washing
    As long as you use soap it doesn't matter
    125* F
    115* F
    100* F
  • Q10
    The number of days that you must keep the shellstock identification tags after the last shellfish was removed
    7 days
    30 days
    90 days
    60 days
  • Q11
    Temperature of the danger zone - keep all potentially hazardous foods out of this temperature range
    40* F - 140* F
    35* F - 140* F
    41*F - 135*F
    35* F - 141* F
  • Q12
    The range in the danger zone where bacteria really thrive
    70* F - 125* F
    75* F - 130* F
    65* F - 120* F
    50* F - 105* F
  • Q13
    The maximum temperature cold food should reach before throwing it out
    90* F
    65* F
    105* F
    70* F
  • Q14
    The maximum temperature for running water that is being used to thaw food
    100* F
    65* F
    70* F
    32* F
  • Q15
    The air temperature that you can receive milk, shell eggs and seafood
    35* F
    32* F
    45* F
    50* F

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