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ServSafe Practice 2

Quiz by Jacob Frank

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  • Q1
    Which HACCP Principle is in action when a cook checks the temp of beef stew being reheated for hot service?
    record keeping
    taking a corrective action
    conducting a hazard analysis
  • Q2
    The second compartment in a three compartment sink is for
  • Q3
    What should a food handler do after adding too much sanitizer to a three compartment sink?
    skip the sanitizing step
    add more water to the solution
    continue using the solution
    nuetralize the solution
  • Q4
    An operation must be closed immediately in the event of a
    rodent infestation
    foodborne illness complaint
    person entering the kitchen unauthorized
    health inspection
  • Q5
    Floors in a food prep area must be
    sanitized regularly
    cleaned and sanitized only when dirty
    cleaned and sanitized regulalry
    cleaned regularly
  • Q6
    To guard against seefood toxins, it is important to buy fish
    caught in U.S. territorial waters
    farmed locally
    that carry an FDA seal of approval
    from approved suppliers
  • Q7
    Operations serving highly suceptible populations should NOT serve
    cold soups
    watermelon slices
    fresh salads
    undercooked eggs
  • Q8
    When an operation is notified of a food item recal the manager must
    put a sign in the operation warning customers of the recall
    report the recall to the FDA and close the operation immediately
    report the recall to the USDA and notify the local regulatory authority
    separate recalled food in an area away from other food and equipment
  • Q9
    What area must meet the highest minimum light intensity requirements?
    kitchen unit
    walk in fridge
    dry storage
    dining room
  • Q10
    What is the maximum number of days chicken salad prepared in house may held at 41 F or below?
  • Q11
    Bacteria generally grow well in food that
    are very hot, calcium rich, and are nuetral to slightly acidic
    contain protein, are cool and dry, and highly acidic
    are cool, dry, and highly acidic
    contain protein, are moist, and are nuetral to slightly acidic
  • Q12
    What is the primary food safety concern with overstocking a cooler?
    specific foods are hard to find in a hurry
    FIFO is difficult to implement
    correct temperatures are difficult to maintain
    newly added food cools too rapidly
  • Q13
    Which date should be placed on the label of leftover pasta salad
    the last serving day of the month
    the Friday following the day it was prepped
    the day it should be discarded
    the day the ingredients were received from the vendor
  • Q14
    Single use gloves must be worn by a food handler when he or she
    is prepping foood that will be cooked prior to service
    is correctly washing produce in the food prep sink
    trotates canned goods in storage
    has an open wound on one of his or her hands
  • Q15
    Recommendations for foodservice regulations are issued ath the federal level through the
    HACCP guidelines
    state health code
    FDA Food Code
    OSHA standards

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