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ServSafe Practice 3

Quiz by Jacob Frank

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30 questions
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  • Q1
    Equipment used to process TCS food in a refridgerated room held at 41F or below can be cleaned every
    24 hrs
  • Q2
    What document contains information about the safe use and handling of hazardous chemicals?
    Underwriters Laboratories List
    OSHA Consumer Guide to Toxic Materials
    The Food Code
    Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Q3
    Nausea, vomitting, diarhea, jaundice, and fever are all reportable
  • Q4
    A service sink should be used to
    scrub pots and pans
    wash produce
    dispose of mop water
    cool cooked foods
  • Q5
    Which is a physical contaminant?
    rat poison in tuna salad
    hepatitis A in a baked potato
    bones in a boneless chicken breast
    mold on cheese
  • Q6
    Air curtains should be installed at the delivery entrance of an operation in order to
    eliminate dust
    improve ventilation
    deny pests access
    reduce utility costs
  • Q7
    A significant threat to public health requiring immediate closure of an operation and correction is classified as an
    regulatory infraction
    critical control point
    imminent health hazard
    foodborne illness
  • Q8
    Garbage containers used by an operation should be
    durable, absorbent, and corrosion resistant
    pest proof, smooth, and made of metal
    odor proof, damage resistant, and light in color
    leak proof, waterproof, and easy to clean
  • Q9
    A food handler must remove what item before working with food?
    dry bandage
    plain band ring
    clean baseball hat
    medical bracelet
  • Q10
    When washing hands properly, which other body part must also be cleaned?
    face and arms
    arms from the elbow up
    exposed parts of forearms
    exposed parts of legs
  • Q11
    In an operation, handwashin sinks must be located in which area?
    dry storage
  • Q12
    A food handler must wear single use gloves when
    scrubbing and washin fresh clams that will be steamed for clam chowder
    trimming and seasoning beef that will be slow roasted for a sandwhich
    quartering fresh tomatoes that will be used in a stir fry
    slicing fresh tomatoes that will be used for a garnish on a hamburger
  • Q13
    Which item requires a consumer advisory on the menu?
    stif fried vegetables
    eggs cooked to order
    celery sticks
    baked potatoes
  • Q14
    A food handler has been diagnosed with hepatitis A, but is NOT showing signs of illness. The manager must
    exclude the food handler from the operation and notify the regulatory authority
    notify the local regulatory authority
    restrict the food handler withing the operation
    restrict the food handler within the operation and notify the regulatory authority
  • Q15
    After observing a food handler removing plastic bags of garbage and temporarily placing them on the prep table
    stop the food handler immediately and review the correct procedures for garbage handling
    help the food handler double bag the garbage to minimize the possibility of leaks
    ask the food handler to clean and rinse the prep table after taking the garbage outside
    wipe the table immediately while the food handler takes the garbage outside quickly

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