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Session 3: Managing School Resources

Quiz by Vanessa Carani

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50 questions
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  • Q1

    1. The BAC (Bids and Awards Committee) is created by the head of the procuring entity to undertake the procurement process in accordance to prescribe laws. Which of the following is/are NOT TRUE about the BAC?

    I. The BAC shall have 5-8 members

    II. The approving authority can become a member of the BAC

    III. The members shall have a fixed term of one (1) year

    IV. For justifiable causes, a member can be removed or suspended by the Head of Procuring Entity

    c. I, II, IV

    a.I, II

    b.I, II, III

    d. I, II, III, IV

  • Q2

    2. Per RA 9184 “Competitive Bidding” and public Bidding” shall have the same meaning. Thismethod of procurement is open to any interested party and consists of the following seriesof activities, EXCEPT one:

    d. Post-qualification and award of contract

    c. Receipt and opening of bids, and closure and evaluation of bids

    a. Pre-bid conference

    b. Eligibility screening of prospective bidder

  • Q3

    3. All of the following are true to G-EPS under RA 9184 EXCEPT?

    b. All procuring entities shall utilize it for the procurement of common and non-common supplies

    d. It includes a feature that provides for an audit trail for online transactions and allow the COA to verify the security and integrity of the systems at anytime

    a. It is a single portal that can be utilized as primary source of information on all government procurement.

    c. It shall ensure the security, integrity, and confidentiality of all documents submitted

  • Q4

    4. As stipulated in RA 7184, each procuring entity shall establish a BAC for its procurement. Who among the following could not become a member of BAC?

    d. Ma’am Analyn, a school head for two years

    a. Sir Russel, a Master Teacher for fifteen years.

    b. Ma’am Aileen, a Teacher III and owns a hardware store.

    c. Sir Joedy, a newly-hired teacher.

  • Q5

    5. Procurement involves all of the following EXCEPT:

    a. Acquisition of needed supplies and materials

    d. Can be undertaken anytime and anywhere

    b. Constitution of bids and awards committee of the school (SBAC)

    c. Creation of the School Inspection Committee

  • Q6

    6. A Technical Working Group is created to assist the SBAC in the procurement process. Which of the following is/are the possible functions of the TWG?I. Assist in the preparation of the Bidding DocumentsII. Take custody of procurement documents III. Prepare minutes of the SBAC meetingsIV. Assist in the conduct of post-qualification activities

    d. I, II, III, IV

    a. I, II

    b. I, IV

    c. I, II, III

  • Q7

    7. Aside from the BAC, the head of the procuring entity shall create a Secretariat which shall serve as the main support unit of the BAC. Which of the following are the functions of the Secretariat?

    I. Organize and make all the necessary arrangement for the BAC meetings

    II. Prepare minutes of the BAC meetings

    III. Assist the BAC in the preparation of the bidding documents

    IV. Make arrangements for the pre-procurement and pre-bid conferences and bid openings

    b. I, II, III

    a. I, II

    d. I, II, III, IV

    c. I, II, IV

  • Q8

    8. Bidding documents shall be prepared by the procuring entity following the forms and manuals set by the GPPB. All of the following constitute the Bidding Documents EXCEPT?

    c. Delivery Time or Completion Schedule

    b. Plans and Technical Specifications including its Brand Name

    d. Form of Contract and General and Special Conditions Contract

    a. Approved Budget for the Contract

  • Q9

    9. In line with the principle of transparency and competitiveness, an Invitation to Bid must be undertake to ensure the widest dissemination of the process. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Invitation to Bid?

    a. It shall be posted in the procuring entity’s premises, newspapers of general circulation, the G-EPS and website of the procuring entity if possible.

    b. A pre-procurement conference prior to each and every procurement is optional.

    d. Pre-bid conference shall be held within a reasonable period before the deadline for the receipt of bids.

    c. A pre-bid conference may be conducted upon the request of a prospective bidder.

  • Q10

    10. A bid is a signed offer or proposal submitted by a supplier, manufacturer, distributor, contractor or consultant to the procuring entity through its BAC. When can a bid be not accepted?

    I. If the BID was submitted after the deadline.

    II. If a prospective bidder submitted his eligibility requirements electronically.

    III. If a bidder who previously withdrawn his bid prior to the deadline submitted another bid.

    IV. If a bidder modified his bid after the deadline for the receipt of bids.

    d. I, III, IV

    a. I only

    b. I, II

    c. I, II, III

  • Q11

    11. Bidder X won the contract for San Isidro ES. However, after post-qualification he was not awarded with the contract. What might be the possible reason/reasons why Bidder X did not get the winning contract?

    I. Bidder X refused to enter contract with the procuring entity.

    II. Bidder X failed to post the required performance security within the period stated in the bidding documents.

    III. Bidder X failed to act within ten (10) calendar days from the Receipt of the Notice of Award.

    IV. The BAC of San Isidro ES failed in following the prescribed bidding procedure.

    b. I, II, IV

    d. I, II, III, IV

    c. I, III, IV

    a. I, II, III

  • Q12

    12. The BAC can declare a Failure of Bidding in the following instances

    I. No bids are received.

    II. No bid qualifies as Lowest Calculated Responsive Bid or Highest Rated Responsive Bid.

    III. When the winning bidder refuses to accept the award with justifiable cause.

    C. Both I and II

    B. Only II

    d. I, II, and III

    a. Only I

  • Q13

    13. In order to promote economy and efficiency, the procuring entity may resort to alternative methods of procurement. What method of procurement involves a direct procurement of goods from the previous winning bidder whenever there is a need to replenish goods procured under a contract previously awarded through competitive bidding?

    a. Repeat Order

    c. Shopping

    d. Single Source Procurement

    b. Selective Bidding

  • Q14

    14. What alternative method of procurement shall be utilized by Masanto NHS when it has an unforeseen contingency requiring an immediate purchase?

    d. Single Source Procurement

    a. Repeat Order

    c. Shopping

    b. Selective Bidding

  • Q15

    15. This method does not require elaborate Bidding Documents wherein the supplier is simply asked to submit a price quotation or a pro-forma invoice together with conditions of sale.

    c. Selective Bidding

    a. Negotiated Procurement

    d. Shopping

    b. Single Source Procurement


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