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"Settlers of the West"

Quiz by Lakisha Goffney

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  • Q1

    The text is mostly about —

    how gold and silver provided a way for the settlers to survive.

    how cattle were an important animal for settlers to have.

    how different settlers were able to establish themselves in the West.

    how farmers were the first to travel to the west.

  • Q2

    Based on information in paragraphs 3 and 4, what can the reader infer about  the miners and prospectors were in as they searched for gold and silver?

    They were all able to become rich.

    They were lazy and not determined.

    They had to work very hard to find silver and gold.

    They had the best tools to work with.

  • Q3

    Based on information in the section “Ranchers and Cowboys”, what is the most likely reason the author includes the photograph?

    To show how the cowboys fed the cattle.

    To show that it was very dangerous for cowboys to tend to the cattle.

    To show that the cattle did not need to be attended to. 

    To show that the cattle needed to be supervised by a cowboy.

  • Q4

    Which statement best describes why farmers settled in the West?

    Farmers, or homesteaders, traveled west  with their families. 

    The men cleared the land and harvested the crops.

    The men women and children were willing to do whatever it took to survive.

    The desire for available land overshadowed the conditions they would face.

  • Q5

    In which part of the selection would you find information about who were the first people to travel to the west ?

    The section titled " Miners and Prospectors"

    The section titled "Mountain Men"

    The photograph under paragraph 3

    The section titled "Ranchers and Cowboys"

  • Q6

    What are the most likely reasons the author wrote this selection? Select two correct answers.

    A) To inform the reader about how the western part of the United States was settled in the 19th century.

    B) To show the reader how dangerous it was for the settlers to travel.

    C) To describe the journey the cowboys made with the cattle.

    D) To provide the reader with some of the reasons why  people  settled in the west. 

    E) To show what life was like for farmers and their families.

    A and E

    B and E

    C and E

    A and D


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