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Seventh Grade by Gary Soto

Quiz by Ms. Kofsky

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    Victor is excited to take French because…
    Michael will be in his class.
    he is good with languages.
    he already knows French.
    Teresa might be in his class.
  • Q2
    Victor and Michael are scowling because they …
    know it makes people laugh.
    think it gets girls’ attention.
    want to scare people away.
    think it makes them look cool.
  • Q3
    Victor is waiting because…
    he wants to have an excuse to talk to Teresa.
    he wants to talk to Teresa about her ballet.
    he is friends with Teresa.
    he wants to talk to the teacher.
  • Q4
    Victor is pretending to study because…
    he wants Teresa to think he’s smart.
    he doesn’t want to be bothered by anybody.
    he wants to secretly look for Teresa.
    he wants the teachers to think he’s doing homework.
  • Q5
    When Victor answers the teacher, the teacher…
    corrects him for his incorrect words
    doesn’t say he is making up words.
    laughs at him for his bad answer.
    punishes him for being rude.
  • Q6
    Why does Victor use Teresa as an example of a noun?
    He’s thinking about her.
    He wants to impress her.
    He wants to make the class laugh.
    He wants to show that he likes her.
  • Q7
    Why doesn’t Mr. Bueller reveal the truth to Teresa?
    He feels bad for Victor.
    He wants Teresa and Victor to become friends.
    He doesn’t want to embarrass Victor.
    He has done something similar.
  • Q8
    Why does Victor have to go to the library?
    He wants to have good grades this year.
    He is meeting Teresa at the library.
    He has a lot of homework this year.
    He has to learn French to help Teresa.

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