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Short answers Present and Past Simple

Quiz by MissCarlaNavaP

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Do you study at Nuevo Continente School ?
    Yes, I am
    Yes, I do
    Yes, she does
    Yes, I are
  • Q2
    Are you happy today?
    No, I are
    Yes, he is
    Yes, I am
  • Q3
    Is your mum Miss Carla?
    Yes, she isn't
    Yes, she are
    No, she is
    No, she's not
  • Q4
    Does Miss Carla have two sons?
    Yes, she has
    Yes, she does.
    No, she not
    No, they aren't
  • Q5
    Did youand your group take English class yesterday?
    No, he not
    Yes, we did.
    Yes, they didn't
    Yes, you are
  • Q6
    Is Miss Elda the English principal?
    No, she
    No, she isn't
    Yes, she did
    No, she is
  • Q7
    Do Ben and Lucy have a dog?
    Yes, they do
    Yes, we are
    No, the aren't
    No, they not
  • Q8
    Did you see Miss Elda yesterday?
    Yes, I did
    Yes, Miss Elda
    Yes, I am
    No, I am
  • Q9
    Did Miss Carla give you class yesterday?
    does, she
    they not
    No, she
    Yes, she did
  • Q10
    Are Ben and Lucy good at finding treasures?
    No, Lucy not
    No, she is
    Yes, are
    Yes, they are

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