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Quiz by Emma Gonzales

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  • Q1
    These are tools made up of metal with insulators in the handle and are used for cutting, twisting, bending, holding and gripping wires and cables
    portable electric drill
    wire stripper
  • Q2
    What tool is made up of crossed tip reassembling a positive (+) sign. This is used to drive screws with cross slot heads.
    Philip screwdriver
    Stubby screwdriver
    Allen screwdriver/wrench
    Standard/flat screwdriver
  • Q3
    What blade tip is wedge-shaped and resembles a negative (-) sign and used to drive screws with a single slot head?
    Philip Screwdriver
    Standard/Flat Screwdriver
    Stubby Screwdriver
    Allen Screwdriver/Wrench
  • Q4
    What pliers is used for holding and forming wire loops on screw in deep and narrow places?
    Side cutting pliers
    Wire stripper
    Lineman’s pliers
    Long nose pliers
  • Q5
    What type of screwdriver used to move screws with hexagonal slot heads?
    Philip Screwdriver
    Stubby Screwdriver
    Standard/Flat Screwdriver
    Allen Screwdriver/Wrench

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