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Short Quiz in Math 5 addition and/or subtraction of decimal numbers

Quiz by Quizalize Premium (Philippines)

Grade 5
Philippines Curriculum: Grades 1-10

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5 questions
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  • Q1
    Dennis bought 0.65 pound of apples and 0.9 pounds of grapes at Shoprite. What is the total weight of the fruit?
    0.35 pounds
    0.25 pounds
    1.45 pounds
    1.55 pounds
  • Q2
    Nikki is training for a marathon. She ran 3.9 miles in the morning, 4.25 miles in the afternoon, and 2 miles in the evening. What total distance did she run?
    10.15 miles
    8.15 miles
    101.5 miles
    6.25 miles
  • Q3
    The plumber cut a 4.25 feet piece of pipe from a bigger pipe that was 11.5 feet long. How long is the remaining piece of pipe?
    7.35 feet
    14.75 feet
    7.25 feet
  • Q4
    A package of 100-calorie Chips Ahoy cookies weighs 0.83 grams. A package of 100-calorie Keebler cookies weighs 0.7 grams. How much more do the Chips Ahoy weigh than the Keebler?
    0.23 grams
    1.52 grams
    0.13 grams
    0.66 grams
  • Q5
    Each week I eat 8 pounds of apples. When I went to the supermarket, many of the apples were no good; so therefore, I only bought 3.39 pounds of apples. How many more pounds do I need?
    4.61 pounds
    3.31 pounds
    5.61 pounds
    11.39 pounds

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