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Short Quiz in Science 9 differentiate electrical power and electrical energy

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Grade 8
Philippines Curriculum: Grades 1-10

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  • Q1
    A current of 0.5 A flows through a resistance of 10 ohms for half an hour. Find the amount of electrical energy consumed by the resistance.
    2.5 A
    79.2 W
    22500 J or 22.5 KJ
    4500 J or 4.5 KJ
  • Q2
    An electric appliance labelled 80 W. What does the label means?
    The rate of change of power is 80 W
    The rate of change of voltage is 80 V
    The rate of change of energy is 80 J/s
    The rate of change of current is 80 A
  • Q3
    The power of an appliance is...
    the amount of voltage going through it
    the amount of energy transferred per second
    all of the following
    the amount of charge that passes through per second
  • Q4
    Electrical power can be calculated using
    Voltage x Current
    Resistance x Voltage
    all of the following
    Voltage ÷ Current
  • Q5
    Watts is the same as...
    all of the following
    Joules per second
    Current per second
    Voltage per second

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