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Should Schools relax cell phone policies?

Quiz by Nicole Garcia

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    According to the passage, what is the mobile technology policy at Freeport High School in Portland, Maine?
    Students are allowed to use electronic tablets but not smart phones.
    Student are not allowed to bring mobile technology into the school.
    Students are required to turn off cell phones during school hours.
    Students are encouraged to bring their own smart phones to class.
  • Q2
    The passage shows two sides of this debate: Should schools relax cell phone policies? According to the passage, what is one argument AGAINST relaxing cell phone policies?
    Most teens with cell phones don't send texts during class.
    Cell phones allow students to cheat during exams.
    Cell phones may help reduce cyberbullying problems.
    Students rely on cell phones to keep in touch with parents.
  • Q3
    What can you most likely conclude after reading the passage?
    If schools relax their cell phone policies, more teachers will start texting.
    Most students agree with the policy to ban cell phones from school.
    Schools that ban cell phones provide more opportunities for learning.
    People have mixed opinions about the use of cell phones in school.
  • Q4
    Read this sentence from the passage: "If schools incorporate that technology into lessons, students will become more excited about their classes." In this sentence, the word incorporate means
    to study
    to improve
    to eliminate
    to blend
  • Q5
    The primary purpose of this passage is to
    persuade high school students to stop using cell phones at school
    explain why New Manchester High School relaxed its cell phone policy
    describe how personal technology devices enhance education
    present both sides of a debate about school cell phone policies
  • Q6
    The question below is an incomplete sentence. Choose the word that best completes the sentence. __________ more kids than ever carry cell phones these days, schools have to make some tough decisions about mobile technology policies.

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