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  • Q1

    Notwithstanding the receipt of special hardship and cash allowances, ALS Teachers and Community ALS Implementors shall be entitled to their corresponding transportation and teaching aid allowances subject to guidelines that may be issued by the DepEd.


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  • Q2

    Refer to ALS programs that provide continuing learning opportunities to accreditation and equivalency secondary level test passers who wish to better prepare for the academic demands and study skills requirements of tertiary level education or post-secondary vocational training, or both

    Academic-Focused Bridging Programs

    Basic Literacy Program

    Functional Education and Literacy Programs

    Accreditation and Equivalency Program (A&E Program)

  • Q3

    Refer to short-term non-formal education programs designed to help socioeconomically disadvantaged learners to upgrade a targeted set of skills, knowledge, and selected competencies in the ALS K to 12 BEC in order to improve their social, political and economic well-being and function more -effectively as citizens, parents, workers and members of the community

    Academic-Focused Bridging Programs

    Accreditation and Equivalency Program (A&E Program)

    Basic Literacy Program

    Functional Education and Literacy Programs

  • Q4

    Refers to a flexible means of certifying attainment of specific elements of ALS K to 12 minimum competencies which can be used by the holder as credential such as in job application, recruitment, and selection


    Accreditation and Equivalency Program (A&E Program)

    Informal Education

    Alternative Learning System K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum

  • Q5

    The construction of the school-based ALS- Community Learning Center will require a total of ________ square meters of land area. The location of the CLC should be separate from the main school.

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  • Q6

    School shall impose appropriate and reasonable disciplinary measures in case of offenses or infractions of good discipline  on  the  basis  of the following:

    I. Every school shall maintain discipline inside the school campus as well as outside the school premises when learners are engaged in activities authorized by the school

    II. The School Head shall have authority, accountability and responsibility for creating an environment within the school that is conducive to teaching and learning

    III. Teachers shall be deemed persons in authority when in the discharge of lawful duties and responsibilities, and shall, therefore, be accorded due respect and protection

    I,II and III

    II and III only

    I and II only

  • Q7

    Consistent with Section 3 of the Anti- Bullying Act, the anti-bullying policy shall prohibit bullying at the following:

    I. school grounds

    II. property immediately adjacent to school grounds

    III. school-sponsored or school-related activities, functions or programs whether on or off school grounds

    IV. school bus stops

    V. school buses or other vehicles owned, leased or used by a school

    I,III, IV and V only

    I,II,III,IV and V

    I,III and V only

    I,II,III and IV only

  • Q8

    Does the school have authority to impose discipline for offenses committed outside the school?

    I.  Yes, in cases of violations of school policies or regulations occurring in connection with a school-sponsored activity off-campus.

    II. Yes,In case where the misconduct of the student involves his status as a student or affects the good name or reputation of the school.

    III .No,the school can only impose disciplinary sanctions if the incident  happened inside the campus

    Statement II is correct

    Statement I is correct 

    Statement III is correct

    Statements I and II are correct

  • Q9

    Alfredo Amadora was shot dead by his classmate, Pablito Daffon inside the school auditorium of Colegio de San Jose-Recoletos,Cebu. Incident happened during semester break. Amadora went to school to submit his Physics report.Is the school still liable even during school breaks?



  • Q10

    A 22 year old student accidentally killed a 16 year old student while they were exchanging fist blows inside the Manila Technical Institute.

    Is the teacher  and school liable for the action of the offender?



  • Q11

    Student Carlitos Bautista was stabbed to death by outsiders while he was at the 2ndfloor of the PSBA building.

    Can the school be held liable?



  • Q12

    The LM Society held their annual assembly at a beach in Batangas. Atty. Divina, as Adviser, signed the letter addressed to the parents but he did not attend the event. An alleged RAPE occurred

    The alleged victim filed a criminal case against 4 of her classmates and a civil case against  Atty. Divina and UST. The fiscal found out that the girl consented  the act.

    Who was held liable?

    The school

    The classmates

    Both the adviser and the school

    The adviser

  • Q13

    The Child Protection Committee is composed of the following EXCEPT:

    I. School Head/Administrator 

    II. School Governing Council Chairman

    III. Guidance Counselor/Teacher

    III. Representative of the teachers as designated by the Faculty Club IV. Representative of the parents as designated by the Parents-Teachers Association (PTA)

    V. Representative of learners as designated by the Supreme Student Council

    VI. Punong Barangay



    II and VI

    V and VI

  • Q14

    Pursuant to Section I, Chapter III, Part IV of 2000 DECS Service Manual, every school shall maintain discipline inside the school campus as well as the school premises when students are engaged in activities authorized by the school. As stated in paragraph 2, Section 6.2, Rule VI from Rules and Regulations of RA 9155 as mentioned in DepEd Order No. 1, s. 2003, the school head shall have authority, accountability and responsibility for creating an environment within the school that is conducive to teaching and learning. Thus, school officials and teachers shall have the right to impose appropriate and reasonable disciplinary measures in case of minor offenses or infractions of good discipline

    The following composes  the School Discipline Committee EXCEPT:

    Curriculum Chairman

    Guidance Counselor/Designate

    Class Adviser

    School Discipline Officer

  • Q15

    Schools shall not be utilized for propagation of political agenda or ideology, nor for military purposes such as but not limited to command posts, barracks, detachments, supply depots, collection points, casualty evacuation points and similar purposes. This includes recruitment by government forces and armed groups, the conduct of anti-insurgency information activities, or such other related uses that may endanger the lives of learners and school personnel.

    There shall be no military detachment or patrol base constructed within _______meters from a school






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