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Sign Off Test

Quiz by Priyal Bharuth

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  • Q1

    Where can you find the how-to guide on the Absa online banking?

    On the full service site

    On AOL login page

    In the profile tab under card management

    On The Express site                           

  • Q2

    Where on our app can find Abby?

    Under menu and account settings

    On the talk to us tab on general

    On the express site

    One has to download an app additional Abby app

  • Q3

    Under what tab can one authorize DHA transaction?

    Full service , apply ,  absa credit card

    Absa online , full service , payments , authorization , bills and municipalities

    Absa online , payments , recurring payments

    Absa online , authorization , payments , full service

  • Q4

    Where can one add operator on the Online banking?

    Full service , profile, manage users, add operator

    Full service , profile , card management , add operator

    Express , settings , user functions , add operator

  • Q5

    Under what tab can one get their tax certificate?

    Full service , profile , tax certificate

    Under what tab can one get their tax certificate

    Full service , accounts , tax certificate

  • Q6

    When releasing a new IIP for the client we must educate the customer to use facial bio on the app. This way the customer does not have to wait for the 90-minute delay.

    True or False
  • Q7

    What is the average hold time per a call?

    8 minutes

    2 minutes

    10 minutes

    30 Seconds

    There should be no hold time on any call

  • Q8

    Is Absa's Payment reversal process applicable to Absa Listed Beneficiaries?

    Yes, Absa Bank does have reversal agreements with Absa List Beneficiaries 

    No,  Absa Bank does not have any reversal agreements with  Absa List Beneficiaries 

  • Q9

    What is known as the 3-Step Authentication?

    2 CIF and 1 Non-CIF

    2 CIF and 2 Non-CIF

    1 CIF and 1 Non-CIF

    3 CIF and 1 Non-CIF

  • Q10

    Which questions Are CIF-based questions?

    A.     What is your ID Number?

    B.     What is your email?

    C.     Are you registered for Internet Banking?

    D.     Is there power of attorney listed on the account?

    A and C

    A and B

    B and C

    D and C

  • Q11

    We downgrade the customer’s profile before we removebiometrics.

    True or False
  • Q12

    We only escalate when we only tried one form of troubleshooting.

    True or False
  • Q13

    Which Link is the correct link to our site?


  • Q14

    What is the email address for Payment Reversals for paymentscompleted on another website?

  • Q15

    What is the TAT for a Prepaid complaint?

    7-8 working

    2-5 working

    8-10 working

    5-7 working


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