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Simple Machine Quiz

Quiz by G. Parks

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    Which tool will best help in separating the peel from potatoes?
    wheel and axle
  • Q2
    What will happen if a moving object is not affected by an unbalanced force?
    The object will change direction and slow down.
    The object will not change direction, but it will slow down.
    The object will not change direction and continue moving at the same speed.
  • Q3
    How does a pulley system in a crane make work easier?
    Question Image
    The pulley system reduces the amount of force needed to lift an object.
    The pulley system reduces the distance the object being lifted needs to move.
    The pulley system reduces the mass of the object being lifted.
  • Q4
    Which simple machine uses a fulcrum to redirect a force?
    Incline Plane
  • Q5
    Which statement describe the effort force if a 300 N bag of soil is added to the wheelbarrow?
    The effort equals load.
    The effort decreases mechanical advantage.
    The effort is less than load.
  • Q6
    Which statement describes the force on the crowbar and the motion of the lid when a person is removing the lid from a crate with a crowbar ?
    As the crowbar is pushed down, the lid moves up.
    As the crowbar is pulled up, the lid moves down.
    As the crowbar is pulled out, the lid moves up.
  • Q7
    Which simple machine increases the distance over which a load travels and reduces the needed force?
    inclined plane
    wheel and axle
  • Q8
    How does a pulley help make work easier?
    It pushes materials apart
    It reduces friction.
    It redirects the force.
  • Q9
    Marissa is trying to move a heavy box into the back of a moving truck. Which of the following simple machines would help her complete this task?
    inclined plane
  • Q10
    Which machine could be considered to be a type of inclined plane?
    wheel and axle

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