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Quiz by Elizabeth Suessenguth

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6 questions
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  • Q1
    Why is it a good idea to open your mail as soon as you get it?
    It could be a letter from a friend.
    It could be a bill that needs to be paid.
    It could be an exciting coupon for something to buy.
    It is rude to not open mail right away.
  • Q2
    What usually happens when you borrow money from a friend?
    The friend just forgets you ever borrowed the money.
    The friend gets mad at you for not paying them back and it could hurt the friendship.
    The friends is happy to lend you money and does not care when or if you pay them back.
    The friend gives you even more money than you asked for.
  • Q3
    What happens when you can't pay your bills or debt?
    You will not have any problems when you don't pay on time.
    You can get extra charges for not paying on time.
    You will never be able to able to get a credit card again.
  • Q4
    What is the debt enforcement authority?
    The people that will try to get the money you owe.
    Enforcement authority is like a cop that can enforce things with authority.
    When a person with authority has debt and uses enforcement to get the money the owe.
  • Q5
    How can having a bad credit score effect you?
    It could mean that you can't get a credit card or a loan.
    It means you have a bad score like in a game.
    It means no one will give you credit when you do really awesome things.
  • Q6
    What does it mean to pay damages for a crime (Crime damages)?
    It is when you go to jail for doing a crime.
    If you pay for a crime to be committed you could have to pay crime damages.
    If you do something that breaks the law against someone or place you could have to pay money to fix the things you messed up.
    If you break the law you get to damage things.

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