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Quiz by Steven Jones

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  • Q1


    Effect: Africans were brought to the New World to be used as manual labor.(8-1.2 )                                                                                                                              

    American factories needed a large supply of raw materials.

    Native American slaves died from overwork and European diseases.

    Long-distance sailing voyages were made easier due to new technology.

    The Silk Road closed off the availability to Asian trade.

  • Q2

    Cause: The North American land controlled by the French had poor soil and a cold climate. (8-1.2)


    They mined for gold, silver, and iron in the many mountain ranges in the region.

    They profited from potato and onion farming because they are immune to cold weather.

    They developed permanent settlements and spread Christianity to the natives.

    They traded with the natives for animal pelts to be sent back to France.

  • Q3

    Cause: _______________________________________________

    Effect: Both Spain and France attempted to establish a settlement in South Carolina. (8-1.2)

    A large supply of gold and diamonds was discovered in the New World.

    England fought a civil war to determine who would sit on the British throne.

    The bubonic plague spread throughout Europe, killing millions.

    European powers competed against each other for power and wealth.

  • Q4

    Cause: The headright system was established by the Lords Proprietors of Carolina.

    Effect: _______________________________________________ (8-1.3)

    The cotton trade produced great wealth for many English lords.

    Christianity was the only religion permitted in Carolina.

    Settlers purchased large plots of land and established plantations.

    Women were given the right to vote in the colonial government.

  • Q5

    Cause: __________________________________________

    Effect: Groups like the Pilgrims and Puritans established settlements in the New England region (8-1.3)

    Overcrowding in England led to diseases and starvation in Great Britain.

    The British built a trade relationship with many Native American tribes.

    King Henry VIII eliminated religious freedom and demanded all follow the Anglican Church.

    Demand for North American pine trees increased as the British navy grew.

  • Q6

    Cause: The Middle Colonies had fertile soil and a number of good harbors for shipping goods.    

    Effect: _______________________________________________ (8-1.3)

    Colonies in that region profited from growing wheat and grain.

    Colonies in that region profited from growing tobacco and cotton.

    Colonies in that region profited from livestock and building sailing ships.

    Colonies in that region profited from whaling and fishing.

  • Q7

    Cause: _______________________________________________

    Effect: South Carolina supported the trade of African slaves through the Middle Passage. (8-1.4)

    Carolina’s plantation owners needed a labor source that could be taught to speak English.

    The number of available indentured servants did not meet Carolina’s labor demands.

    All of the native tribes in South Carolina had been killed by disease or warfare.

    Growing cotton was an important skill in the majority of African tribes.

  • Q8

    Cause: In 1739, a group of slaves attempted to escape to freedom during the Stono Rebellion.                    

    Effect: _______________________________________________ (8-1.4)

    Slavery was abolished in both North and South Carolina.

    Their successful escape established the start of the Underground Railroad that led others to freedom.

    African slaves were offered limited rights and improved working conditions.

    Laws, known as the Slave Codes, were created to minimize the freedoms of the enslaved population.

  • Q9

    Cause: ______________________________________________

    Effect: African slaves were a large percentage of the population in the Southern colonies. (8-1.4)

    Only European immigrants were permitted in the Northern colonies.

    The economies of the Southern colonies were based on cash crops.

    All of the major shipping ports were located in Virginia and the Carolinas.

    Slavery was illegal in the Northern colonies.

  • Q10

    Cause: Many of Carolina’s first settlers came from the British island colony of Barbados.               Effect: ______________________________________________ (8-1.5)

    They had a difficult time adjusting to the humidity and swampy land along the coast.

    They provided knowledge in establishing slavery and the plantation system in South Carolina.

    They established the first public education system in the British colonies.

    They needed the assistance of friendly native tribes to survive the colder weather.


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