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5 questions
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  • Q1

    Cause: Many of Carolina’s first plantations were located in the swampy marshes along the coast

    Effect: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

    The property was worthless because no cash crops would grow in this region.

    They were under constant threat of attacks from the Spanish and pirates.

    Insects spread diseases throughout the region, killing many colonists and slaves.

    The crops of rice and indigo became the first cash crops of South Carolina.

  • Q2

    Cause: ______________________________________________________________________________

    Effect: South Carolina contributed a great deal of wealth to their mother country.

    British settlers traded firearms to the Native Americans for crops such as cotton and corn.

    Many textile factories were built on plantations controlled by British colonists.

    Colonists produced raw materials for Britain while also purchasing their manufactured goods.

    The Atlantic Ocean contained numerous types of fish that were in high demand in Great Britain.

  • Q3

    Cause: Like other colonies, South Carolina had a bicameral legislative assembly that made laws.

    Effect: __________________________________________________________________________________________

    The power distribution was unequal, favoring the elite planters and merchants.

    Women and men above the age of 21 had a voice in the colonial government.

    All laws had to be authorized by the British Parliament.

    The lower house of the assembly chose the colonial President from the upper house.

  • Q4

    Cause: The backcountry of colonial South Carolina had no established laws or courts.

    Effect: ___________________________________________________________________________________

    Many African slaves escaped to the backcountry to live in secretive communities.

    Vigilante groups called the Regulators hunted criminals and brought them to justice.

    Cash crops were grown without fear of taxation by the leaders of the Low Country.

    The powerful Cherokee Indian tribe controlled the area and kept British settlers out.

  • Q5

    Cause: Colonists of Carolina felt unprotected from attacks by natives, pirates, and the Spanish.          

    Effect: ________________________________________________________________________________________

    All men, both free and enslaved, ages 12-60 were required to serve in the colonial militia.

    Carolina paid a large  amount of bribes and ransoms to end the threats from those groups.

    The Lords Proprietors paid a great deal of money to send the British army to eliminate the threat.

    They petitioned to be a royal colony so they could get assistance from the King of England.


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