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Small Multiples in Power BI with Zebra BI Visuals

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  • Q1
    What is the main advantage of using small multiples in data visualization?
    To display complex data sets that cannot be shown in other chart types.
    To reduce the number of charts needed on a dashboard.
    To create a more visually appealing dashboard.
    A. To compare multiple charts easily by scaling them together.
  • Q2
    How are small multiples created in Zebra BI?
    A. By dragging the data field into the group placeholder.
    Small multiples are not available in Zebra BI.
    By using a special chart type called "small multiples."
    By manually creating and arranging multiple charts.
  • Q3
    What is the purpose of the chart slider in small multiples?
    A. To change between different chart types for each data element.
    To control the order in which the charts are displayed.
    To zoom in and out on individual charts.
    The chart slider is not available in Zebra BI small multiples.
  • Q4
    How can you deal with small multiples where one data category has a much larger value than others?
    Small multiples cannot be used with data sets that have uneven values.
    Exclude the data category with the larger value.
    A. Use the auto layout or top-end features to adjust the chart display.
    Increase the size of the visual to accommodate all charts.
  • Q5
    What are combination charts in small multiples?
    Combination charts are not available in Zebra BI small multiples.
    A. Charts that display two measures on the same chart, with one measure on the primary axis and the other on the secondary axis.
    Charts that combine different chart types, such as line and bar charts, in a single chart.
    Charts that are used to forecast future trends.
  • Q6
    How can you change the sorting order of charts in a small multiple?
    By sorting the data in the Power BI model.
    By dragging and re-arranging the charts manually.
    A. In the small multiples group of settings, under the sort option.
    The sorting order cannot be changed.
  • Q7
    What is the purpose of the grid lines between charts in a small multiple?
    Grid lines are not available in Zebra BI small multiples.
    To format the background of the visual.
    A. To visually separate the charts and improve readability.
    To connect the charts and show relationships between them.
  • Q8
    How can you display multiple charts for a single data element in a small multiple?
    This is not possible in Zebra BI small multiples.
    Small multiples only display one chart per data element.
    A. By using the layout settings in the chart settings.
    By duplicating the data element in the Power BI model.
  • Q9
    What is the benefit of using the "top-end" option in small multiples?
    To increase the number of charts that can be displayed in a small multiple.
    The "top-end" option is not available in Zebra BI small multiples.
    To change the color of the charts.
    A. To focus on the most important data categories and hide less important ones.
  • Q10
    What is the recommended approach for creating complex small multiples with many charts?
    There is no recommended approach for creating complex small multiples.
    A. Start with a few charts and gradually add more, using features like auto layout and top-end to manage the display.
    Limit the number of charts to avoid overwhelming the viewer.
    Create all the charts separately and then arrange them manually in a small multiple.

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