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Smoke Jumpers

Quiz by Bruce Keizer

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  • Q1
    WHERE do smoke jumpers fight fires?
    on flat land
    in rough terrain or land
    on farms
    in the desert
  • Q2
    Which IS NOT TRUE about smoke jumpers?
    They wear special gear to keep them safe.
    They get tools and supplies to last them about two days.
    They parachute from a plane.
    They land in the fire and begin fighting it.
  • Q3
    Smoke jumpers wear helmets with face masks to PROTECT them from ______________.
    All of the answers
  • Q4
    Which IS NOT something a smoke jumper has to train for?
    how to handle a parachute
    how to land safely on the ground
    how to do flips in the air
    how to jump from a plane
  • Q5
    Which is TRUE about smoke jumpers?
    Their job is very easy to do. 
    They wear suits that aren't fireproof. 
    They can get more tools and supplies once they run out.

    You don't have to be in good shape to be a smoke jumper.


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