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Snow Board Queen

Quiz by Tina Simpson

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  • Q1

    This story is mainly about a woman who 

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    tries challenging sports

    flies helicopters

  • Q2

    Snowboarding is a combination of skiing and




  • Q3

    Julie likes extremes sports

    sports in the air

    snow sports

    sports with risk and danger

  • Q4

    Julie won the title "Queen of the Hill

    at a race in Maui

    3 times

    her first time in competition

  • Q5

    If Julie was afraid to try a new sport, she would probably

    give up

    change the sport so it would be easier for her

    overcome her fears nd try it

  • Q6

    Julie is a pioneer of snowboarders because

    she was one of the first females to bring attention to the sport.

    she lived in the woods and mountains like a pioneer

    she was the first one to ever try the sport

  • Q7

    Think of a time when you challenged yourself to go to the extreme.  Write about it.  If you not had such an experience, write about something you would like to try or master. And explain what you have to do to be your your best.   Max time is 5 mins

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