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50 questions
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  • Q1

       In cultural relativism, culture should be evaluated:

    c. In the light of that culture  

    a. As superior to the other

    d. Using the standard accepted by the majority


  • Q2

      John who is a son of a carpenter eventually learns the nature of his father’s job. This is an example of:


    a. Assimilation   

    b. Acculturation

    d.Culture pattern

  • Q3

    Which of the following is the political purpose of the school?

    b. To teach the basic cognitive skills cognitive skills 


    a. To familiarize every citizen of their various functions in the society 

    c.To prepare every citizen for the world of work

    d.To foster patriotism and loyalty to the existing political order


  • Q4

     Which of the following should a teacher do if she cannot pay the monthly installment of an appliance she got in a department store in their town?

    d. Inform the manager of the store personally and make a satisfactory arrangement of payment on or before the due date.

    c. Move to another neighborhood to escape payment  

    b. Offer to return the used appliance to the store on the condition that she will be refunded on the monthly installment she paid.

    a. Reject any notice of demand for payment to make the impression that she did not receive any.

  • Q5

    Which of the following is NOT characteristic of Multicultural Education?

    c. Pedagogically humanistic

    d. Socially transformative

    b.Culturally discriminating

    a. Personally empowering

  • Q6

    The UNESCO J. Delors Report identified four pillars of learning. Which pillar is given top priority especially due to the situation in Mindanao and threats of terrorists’ attack?

    c. Learning to have  

    d. Learning to know

    b. Learning to be

    a. Learning to live together

  • Q7

    Which of the following statements manifests an awareness of the principle of cultural relativism?

    d. Any cultural trait is correct and incorrect depending on the values of the person looking at.


    a. Since societies have their own culture, no society should not be critical of whatever is practiced in another society.

    c. The more advanced society should determine the cultural standards of all cultures in the world

    b. Cultures must be evaluated on the basis of some universal standards.

  • Q8

    8. Under which component of culture would books belong?

    d. Material

    b. Communication

    a. Behavioral

    c. Cognitive

  • Q9

    What is not true about the relationship of culture and language?

    a. No amount of training can produce the more advanced uses of language found in people, no matter what their culture.

    d. The more languages one speaks, the richer his/her cultural background becomes.

    b. The structure of a language determines the way in which speakers of that language view the world.

    c. An understanding of language can provide individuals with a better appreciation of the different cultures of people with whom they may relate.

  • Q10

     As a parent and at the same time a teacher, which of the following will you do to show your cooperation to a PTA project in your school to be financed with the proceeds of the sales from the school canteen where food prices are a little bit higher?

    b. Bring baon for you and your children but always make it a point to buy something from the school canteen.

    c. Bring baon enough for you and your children even if you really do not like to do it.  

    a. Buy all your food from the canteen even if you cannot afford to do so everyday.

    d. Buy all your food in the school canteen but request for a discount.

  • Q11

    Although jeepneys are widespread in the Philippines, the design and construction of it is different from each other. This exemplifies that culture:

    b. Is diverse

    c. Is ideational

    d.  Is cumulative

    a. Changes

  • Q12

    What should teachers do so that the pillar of learning to be could be strengthened?

    b. Focus on the cognitive and affective development of students

    a. Point out to the students the basics of becoming a complete person

    d. Facilitate activities that emphasize on the students’ behavioral competence

    c. Give tasks where the students would grow holistically

  • Q13

    A person strives to work at a given task because of a need. Which of the following situations can make a person strive to meet his needs?

    a. Minimize the unpleasant consequences of student involvement.

    b. Utilize your comprehension as teacher in making final decision in the classroom.

    c. Ask pupils to submit test questions or reactions from which you can select items for tests or topics for discussion.

    d. Use unfamiliar materials as examples in order to arouse their curiosity.

  • Q14

    Laws undermines other culture since it sets a standard what is right and acceptable for the majority. This purpose is intended for:

    b. The common good

    d. Peace and order

    c. Create gap between the superior and inferior cultures

    a. Sanction to threaten individuals

  • Q15

    Which is TRUE about human rights?

    c. Human rights favor the status quo over social change

    b. Human rights apply to everyone and are based on universal values.   

    d. Human rights overemphasize the individual over the community

    a.  Economic, social and cultural rights are not true rights.


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