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Social Justice Unit 1 Quiz

Quiz by Charlene Flood

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13 questions
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  • Q1
    Jesus came to serve those in his society who were not valued and had little power. Today, Christians are called to do the same. These groups of people can be called _________
  • Q2
    Justice is a cardinal virtue that is best defined as...
    Considering the outcomes of our actions before we choose them
    Giving God and each person what he or she has a right to
    having the courage to stand up for one's beliefs
    practicing self-control with one's use of created goods
  • Q3
    Why are humans naturally social beings?
    Because this is the best way to get what we want
    Because we are made in the image of God who is 'social'
    because this was necessary for survival during cave-man times
    Trick question! Humans are not naturally social
  • Q4
    a group of persons bound together by a principle of unity can be called...
    a subsidiarity
    a synergy
    a society
    a solidarity
  • Q5
    The organized social institutions/systems as well as the patterns of behavior in a given society are its
    Social Structures

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