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Social Media Marketing

Quiz by Al Wehrhahn

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20 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the 1st and 2nd largest social networking SITES as of April, 2018?
    YouTube and QZone
    Facebook and YouTube
    Facebook and Weibo
    Facebook and QZone
  • Q2
    The 1st and 2nd largest social networking APPS as of April, 2018 are?
    WeChat and WhatsApp
    Instagram and Snapchat
    Messenger and Instagram
    WhatsApp and Messenger
  • Q3
    The 4E framework for social media marketing states that the four objectives of social media marketing should be?
    create customer excitement, educate the customer, help the customer experience the product, and gain customer engagement
    understand customer ethos, educate the customer, help the customer examine the product, and create E-commerce channels
    educate the consumer, help the customer experience the product, make available through E-commerce, and edify the relationship with the customer.
    create customer excitement, educate the customer, exclaim the benefits of the product, and help the customer examine the product
  • Q4
    The "imperative" of social media marketing offers is...
    an augmented product.
    a great price on the offer.
    a clear call to action for the consumer.
    capturing consumer information.
  • Q5
    Using social media to educate potential customers on your value proposition and benefits is one method to...
    sell your product for a premium price.
    develop your product as a cash cow.
    gain valuable information on your customer.
    develop sustainable competitive advantage.
  • Q6
    Engagement is important in developing lasting customer relationships. Engaged customers purchase ________________ more than lesser-engaged customers.
  • Q7
    Sites/apps where consumers engage with friends and business acquaintances.
    Social networking
  • Q8
    Sites/apps that primarily utilize different types of blogs to create two-way dialogue with consumers/customers are considered to be...
    Thought-sharing sites
    Media-sharing sites
    Commentary apps
    Social networking sites
  • Q9
    Social users who want to enhance and expand their relationships are....
  • Q10
    Social network users who want to help others, stay connected and to be well informed in order to provide insights to others are classified as...
    paid bloggers
  • Q11
    Blogs may be classified by the amount of control the firm retains over the content. Which type of blog offers companies the highest level of control?
    personal blogs
    professional blog
    corporate blog
  • Q12
    Blogs may be classified by the amount of control the firm retains over the content. Which type of blog offers companies the least control and runs the highest risk of negative engagement?
    fan blogs
    corporate blog
    personal blogs
    professional blogs
  • Q13
    A request for a file made by a web browser or search engine.
    bounce rate
    abandoned cart
    page view
  • Q14
    Percentage of times a visitor to a web site leaves very quickly.
    conversion rate
    page views
    hit %
    bounce rate
  • Q15
    The conversion rate metric...
    shows the number of times a page is viewed before a consumer takes additional action.
    shows the % of consumers who purchase a product after viewing it.
    analyzes what keywords are used by consumers to find particular items.
    shows how consumers proceed through information on a website.

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