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Social Movements

Quiz by Betzabe Taco

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  • Q1
    When was the worker's massacre?
  • Q2
    What is a political party?
    people who wants to make a party
    represents a large number of people who share the same ideas
    people who works a lot
    magic people who get lots of thigs
  • Q3
    What is a military coup?
    when military people make a party
    when army takes the control
    when army gives the civil people the power
    when army travels far from the country
  • Q4
    Social movements began to appear when
    people shared their food with others
    people organized to get their rights
    people wanted to build houses
    people made big parties
  • Q5
    What is plutocracy?
    rich people take the power of the state
    rich people helping poor people
    rich people build public places to improve the country
    rich people donate their things to the state

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