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Social Skills

Quiz by Hannah Anderson

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  • Q1
    When someone you don't know sits next to you..
    Introduce yourself and say hi
    Get up and move
    Ignore them
  • Q2
    When you're really hungry and have to go through the lunch line you...
    Wait patiently in line until it's your turn
    Cut the people in front of you
    Run to the lunch room to make sure you're first
  • Q3
    When you're playing a game with someone and you lose, you...
    Tell them they cheated
    Walk away and don't play a game with them again
    Tell them good game
  • Q4
    When you have something good to share during good things you...
    Raise your hand waiting silently and patiently
    Interrupt your classmate to tell yours
    Interrupt the teacher to tell them that you have a good thing
  • Q5
    When you have to throw something away in class you...
    Leave it on your desk for someone else to pick up
    Wait patiently until the teacher is done talking
    Get up during instructions to make your way to the trash

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