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Social Studies

Quiz by Kristen Mayle

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    What is one way modern Olympics are like those of ancient Greece?
    the location changes
    games are held every year
    an athlete lights a flame
  • Q2
    What influence from ancient Greese is visible in this picture of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC
    the effect of bright lights
    the use of columns
    the importance of religion
  • Q3
    In what way are many theaters today like the ones in ancient Greece?
    citizens elected representatives to make laws
    citizens gave their leaders total power
    citizens voted directly on issues
  • Q4
    What idea about government that is important today came from ancient Athens?
    people should rule themselves
    leaders should be good and wise
  • Q5
    How was it possible that different parts of Greece had different forms of government?
    steep mountains kept people from different areas apart
    different kings made different rules about how to govern
    colonies were started by groups from different countries
  • Q6
    How did the Greek mountains affect communication?
    they led people to write letters
    promoted road building
    they isolated communities
  • Q7
    What was the lasting influence of Alexander's conquests?
    spread Greek culture
    political unity of Asia and Egypt
    nomadic way of life
  • Q8
    Ancient cultures began practices that lasted even in today's world. What is one of those practices?
    using factories to manufacture goods
    using cars and trains
    starting systems of government
  • Q9
    How did Hioppocrates help Greek scientists make their most important discoveries?
    observed and asked questions
    got citizens to vote
    built complicated machines

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