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Social Studies: Communities

Quiz by Rosemary Kennedy

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9 questions
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  • Q1
    I am a community with lots of open space and the homes are pretty far apart. There may be farms, ranches, or large open spaces in my community.
    A Rural Community
    An Urban Community
    A Suburban Community
  • Q2
    I am a community with lots of tall building, people live in homes that are very close together, there are lots of stores, theaters, restaurants, sporting and cultural events.
    An Urban Community
    A Rural Community
    A Suburban Community
    Maple Glen
  • Q3
    I am a community located just outside of a city or large town. Many people who live here commute (or travel) to the city for their jobs.
    AN Urban Community
    A Suburban Community
    A Rural Community
    A Farming Community
  • Q4
    The Iroquois used natural resources from ...
    Wooded Areas
    The Desert
  • Q5
    Powhatan taught the colonists how to .....
    own slaves
    plant crops
    build houses
    sail ships
  • Q6
    One way John Smith did NOT help the Jamestown colony ....
    He made the settlers work
    He made strict rules
    He returned to England
    He asked Powhatan for help
  • Q7
    Before Columbus, the Native American children learned by ....
    going to school.
    listening to stories.
    taking trips.
    reading books.
  • Q8
    After the colonists arrived in Jamestown, life changed for the Native Americans because
    they lost their land.
    their life did not change.
    they learned how to fish.
    they learned how to farm.
  • Q9
    Tobacco was an important crop to the colonists because
    it cured sickness.
    it gave them something to sell.
    they used it for food.
    they traded it with Powhatan.

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