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Social Studies week 24 practice test

Quiz by Rhonda Pawlik

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8 questions
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  • Q1
    What is the most likely reason enslaved people were not allowed to learn to read or write?
    The slaves might sign marriage licenses without permission.
    The slaves would not enjoy the books that were available on the plantations.
    The slaves might be able to learn more about their rights in the United States.
    The slaves might sign contracts to buy property.
  • Q2
    In the article slave families: Why do you suppose slave children were usually left with their mothers and not their fathers?
    Most of the men worked outside in the fields all day. The plantation owners didn't want the children to get hurt in the fields.
    The fathers did not want to be on the same plantation as their children.
    The plantation owners wanted the women to spend their time taking care of their own children. Their help was not needed on the plantation.
    The men were forced to work at the most difficult jobs and often sold. Children would have kept them from working their hardest.
  • Q3
    Use the article "Industry vs. Agriculture" What is the most likely reason Southerners did not support high import tariffs?
    The tariffs would only apply to people living in the South.
    The tariffs would encourage slaves to seek their freedom in the North.
    The tariffs would tax only cotton.
    The tariffs would increase the cost of imported manufactured goods.
  • Q4
    Use the article "John Deere": Which of these is the best summary of the information in the article?
    The cotton gin invented by Eli Whitney made Southern cotton plantations very successful . John Deere owned a company too.
    John Deere was a blacksmith who helped farmers. He was smart and hardworking.
    John Deere was a blacksmith who invented the steel plow. His tools helped American farmers do their job better. His company is still in business today.
    John Deere did not have much luck. He only had $73 when he opened his own blacksmith shop. He sold tools.
  • Q5
    Use the article Industry vs. Agriculture: What was the most likely result of the different ways of life lived by people in the Northern (US) and Southern US?
    People in the Southern United States were more likely to work in factories.
    People in the Northern United States were more likely to support low import tariffs.
    People in both regions had different ideas about how the government and economies should function.
    People in the different regions till made their money in the exact same ways.
  • Q6
    Use the article "Industry vs. Agriculture"- Which statement about economic differences of the Northern and Southern regions is best supported by information from this week's issue?
    The Southern economy was based on manufacturing. Therefore , slavery had little impact on it.
    Economic differences between the North and South eventually led to other, even greater differences.
    The economic differences of the two regions were only in regard to the crops that would grown in the South.
    Though the economies of the two regions were different, most people who lived in both regions agreed slavery was needed in the United States.
  • Q7
    The most likely reason tools and supplies were shipped from the North to the South on the railroads was _______________.
    the Northern railroads needed materials and supplies to ship so they could stay in business.
    the Southern plantation owners wanted to support the Northern busisnesses.
    the North had many factories which produced the tools, while the South did not have such factories.
    the tools produced in the South were not of good quality.
  • Q8
    What was the result of the invention of the cotton gin/
    Northern factory workers wanted to go to work on cotton plantations.
    Cotton plantations were able to increase their production of the crop.
    Slave labor was no longer needed on plantations.
    Cotton plantations went out of business.

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