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Social Work

Quiz by Montserrat Ruvalcaba

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10 questions
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  • Q1
    social work concept
    Question Image
    Social work is an integrated and dynamic system of interrelated values, theory and practice.
    Activity that promotes social change, the resolution of problems in human relations and the strengthening and liberation of the people, to increase well-being.
    The use of theories about human behavior and social systems.
  • Q2
    Where is Social Work born?
    Puerto rico
  • Q3
    According to Ezequiel Ander Egg, three essential moments are defined in the history of Social Work:
    Question Image
    individuals, groups and communities
    social assistance, social service and social work
    concientización, movilización y organización
  • Q4
    Which of the following options are Social Work functions?
    Question Image
    Participates in the management, formulation, execution, evaluation of social plans, programs and projects aimed at improving the living conditions of the community with both public and private institutions.
    Frequently, their agents were mostly women, from upper and upper middle class, recruited many times by charity and philanthropy institutions, and possibly had a relationship with the Church
    Its appearance responds to the changes in the "social issue" and the demands of the working class
  • Q5
    On what date was the first Social Work school founded in Mexico?
    Question Image
    February 2, 1933
    December 10, 1967
    July 13, 1975
  • Q6
    Who founded the first school of Social Work?
    Julia Nava de Ruiz Sánchez
    Margarita Rozas Pagaza
    Gregorio Aráoz Alfaro
  • Q7
    Work areas for a social worker?
    Question Image
    Health sector, prison, education, social assistance.
    School, health, legal, environmental, gerontological and business.
  • Q8
    In which fields has Social Work specialized?
    Question Image
    Individual, systematic and family
    Cases, groups and communities
  • Q9
    Who was Mary Richmond?
    Question Image
    He struggled to obtain legislation to protect abandoned women. He founded the Child Labor Committee, public charitable associations, the Juvenile Court and the Housing Association.
    Mary firmly believed that cooperation between social workers, educators and the health system was crucial to successfully helping people in need.
    It was the woman who formalized the techniques, contents, the system and the theory of social work.
  • Q10
    What is the task-centric model?
    Question Image
    They are based on developing and carrying out tasks that have to do with the solution of the problem posed by the users themselves.
    Modify the patient's responses according to the factors in their environment.
    Behavioral Social Work sets the objectives of its intervention basically in obtaining, suppressing, diminishing or reinforcing in certain ways certain behaviors.

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